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I am so excited to announce our recent partnership with vMOX. We have been able to work together to offer our clients something extremely valuable.  This service can reduce the spend on mobility solutions such as cell phones, wireless broadband cards, tablets, and computers both domestically and internationally without changing carriers.

We traditionally find 20-40% savings for our clients. Please reach out to me if you feel this would be something you would be interested in. I can also share with you some of our customer success stories. Please contact us at for a FREE consultation to discover your potential savings.

Please see the details below for more information! I’d love to chat with you soon!



This service can reduce the spend on mobility solutions such as wireless broadband cards, tablets, computers and cell phones both domestically and internationally.

We traditionally find 20-40% savings for our clients. Please reach out to me if you feel this would be something you would be interested in. We can also share with you some of our customer success stories. There is no commitment for us to determine the amount of savings that might be available to you.

  • Reduces your costs, typically by 20%-40%
  • Requires NO CHANGE in providers
  • Involves NO CHANGE for users
  • NO CHANGE to anything except how much you pay!
  • Managed Service Model – We do the work, you make the decisions!

Our Technology

  • Proprietary software optimizes your mobile environment 24×7
  • Modifications are submitted to carriers electronically
  • Changes are treated, verified and, if not processed promptly, bill credits are automatically requested
  • These changes do not impact service, there is no change to the end user experience
  • There are no changes in the relationship with your carrier
  • Monthly reports provide visibility into every detail of your environment, including bill detail, cost allocation, inventory management, general ledger coding and more.

Our Pricing

Our pricing model ensures everyone’s interests are aligned. It is performance based. Please contact us for a FREE consultation to discover your potential savings.

Our Focus

Our technology and investment in R&D and HR development is focused on driving industry leading mobile cost containment tools and techniques.

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Quantify Your Experiences On Your Resume

You are decreasing your chances of getting hired if you don’t “quantify” your experiences with numbers and percentages. A potential employer is interested in the exact size, scope and resources involved in projects you were a part of. It gives them a more comprehensive picture of your skills and experience level. So instead of using words such as “many” or “numerous” on your resume, use specific numbers. For example, state that you managed a multi-year project that involved 30+ people and the budget was $3 million. That is quantifying your work.

Other quantitative wording examples:

“I was a project manager on 100 projects.”

“Of those 100 projects, 95% of them were delivered on time, within budget and all deliverables were completed as requested.”

“The 5% not completed were due to cancellation of the project by re-direction of priorities and resources.”

These numbers will play to your benefit and help you get hired. So be specific!

Hiring Managers: Always promote your company during an interview

It may sound obvious, but if you are a Hiring Manager you should always sell your company to the candidates you are interviewing.


Because candidates have a circle of friends and co-workers with the same skills and talents. When the candidate leaves, you of course hope they want the job they interviewed for. More importantly though, you want them to think highly of the entire company. Whether or not you end up offering them the job, that person will most likely share their thoughts about your orgainzation with others. And word-of-mouth referrals are one of the most powerful sourcing techniques in recruiting talent for jobs. Not to mention it is just good marketing to always portray your brand in a favorable light. So forge on with those interviews and make sure every candidate has a positive interview experience. If they leave loving your company, it will pay off in more ways than one!

Interview Like A Consultant

Consultative selling involves listening to the prospect or client’s needs and requirements and then matching your qualifications, skills, knowledge and abilities to those work-related demands. Consultants have the responsibility to make the match work, not the employer. In order to sell yourself, you must make it abundantly clear that you possess the talents to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the position, for that organization.

Great interviewers make the employer want more from you.

How? By raising points of mutual interest relating to the work assignment being discussed that you and the prospective employer can explore further. Like a consultant, come prepared with ideas that demonstrate your knowledge of the organization and how your experience and skills can better their organization’s strategy, planning, and performance. It will be your opportunity to leave them wanting more.

Would you complete a project in order to get a job?

Some interviews these days, especially those for a high level position, involve completing a work assignment before you even get the job. Potential employers may ask you to complete a project such as sharing how you would develop a strategy for designing and implementing a new internet function or application. So this begs the question, will you complete the work assignment or not? An interesting dilemma indeed. And only you can answer the question on whether you want to spend the effort and time to share your knowledge and expertise with a prospective employer.

Here are some tips to ponder, if and when this work assignment arises during the course of an interview:

  1. Showing your ability to address the central theme of the assignment can be the difference between getting hired or not.
  2. Never give away “all” your knowledge on any subject matter. Provide only enough to demonstrate that you have the knowledge, expertise and experience to deliver on the subject matter.
  3. Use solid presentation skills in your response as if you were a presenter at a conference.
  4. Present your understanding of solid project management methodologies in formulating your reply to the assignment.
  5. And, finally, keep your assignment short, concise and to the point. Don’t wander around the field.

Whether you decide to do the project or not, consider this possibility before the interview so you can reply with a well thought out answer. Good luck!